Nestled within the untouched river valley and overlooking the enchanting forests of Payangan, Padma Resort Ubud's 5 rooms are a spacious and quiet luxury destination. Located north of Ubud, Bali's capital city of celebration of arts and culture, Padma Resort Ubud features all five-star amenities and features one of Padma's renowned hospitality brand, including stunning views of any expected room or suite, first-class spa, An awe-inspiring 2-meter infinity swimming pool with panoramic views, world-class signature dining and modern event venues. We are a poetic Ubud resort and the perfect place to refresh your mind and body, and to discover the wonders of north and central Bali.



Om Swastiastu! Welcome to the tropical serenity and holistic charm of Ubud-- the cultural heart of Bali and home to SereS Fountain Resort & Spa.

Blissfully nestled amidst lush valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and vertexes by Bali's iconic fields of padi rice terraces, the luxurious Seres Resort & Spa and the luxurious five-star Matin that are culturally inspired by rich ritual traditions Bali to provide a authentic and unique experience beyond comparison.

Complete with warm hospitality, artisanal artwork and traditional touches across panoramic grounds, SereS Fountain Resort & Spa celebrates its island-rich culture while treating discerning travelers to lavishly appointed dormitories, sophisticated facilities, delicate indulgences and set From the gourmet restaurants that overlook the magnificent and sacred Mount Agung.

As the sister hotel to the highly rated SenS Spa Hotel - a four-star boutique hotel in downtown Ubud, guests can also enjoy an eclectic vibe of downtown Ubud with complimentary shuttle services between the two features. Soak up the serenity of SereS Morning, discover SenS and Art Capital by Afternoon, or choose your day to day with the best of both worlds, whether you're looking for a private getaway or an outdoor adventure in the heart of Ubud.